The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a proposed 515-mile underground, fracked gas pipeline running through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida owned by Spectra Energy, NextEra (FPL’s parent company), and Duke Energy. Construction has begun and is to complete by May 2017.

Gas pipeline leaks are extremely flammable and explosive. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. The pipeline will cross the most exposed part of the Floridan Aquifer, home to hundreds of springs, rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, risking pipeline collapse, explosion, fire, and contamination of our fresh water and drinking supplies. Florida is a beautiful state that depends on clean water and healthy fauna. Let’s keep it that way.

The pipeline is unnecessary. Though energy demand is decreasing, any added demand can be met with energy efficiency and renewable energy, with more jobs and less cost.

What can you do? Call on those in power to rescind the permits! (Be polite and professional on the phone.)

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott | 850-717-9377
  • Army Corps of Engineers  | 904-232-2477
  • President Obama | 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

Florida Power & Light, a private, for-profit, utility monopoly, has ratepayers paying $3.2 billion for a pipeline FPL admits they do not need. 160 properties are being seized by eminent domain. Facilities are being constructed near ports and railways of Florida. In other words, preparations for export. Sabal Trail is for investors. Not Florida!

Fossil fuel infrastructure stalls green energy. “Natural gas” is no “transition fuel.” Kelcy Warren of ETP, builder of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) asserts, “The pipeline business will overbuild until the end of time.” Overbuilding pipelines locks Florida into dependence on fossil fuels, and delays green energy by decades.

Ask Legislators to call for Sabal Trail Pipeline hearings challenging the environmental impact studies now. The pipeline is scheduled for completion by February.

Activists are desperately needed at:

COME CAMP WITH US! Primitive campsites. No alcohol or drugs. Nonviolence. Donate at

Updates: Spectra Busters | Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline
Dec/Jan events: Sabal Trail Resistance

#StopSabalTrail #WaterIsLife

FPL DAPL& Sabal Trail 4×6  ENGLISH
FPL DAPL& Sabal Trail 4.25 X 5.5 SPANISH qtr col


What’s Behind The Sabal Trail Pipeline? FPL’s Scheme to Profit at Public Expense, Threatening the Environment and the Economy
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