Eliseo Medina, left, and Dolores Huerta at a march. Chicago, Illinois, 1971.

The Miami Dade Green Party  hopes you all have had a wonderful holiday last weekend! We want to take this opportunity to thank the countless number of laborers and organizers that have sacrificed innumerable hours and government/corporate brutalities, over centuries, to leave a better work culture for everyone.

While the Unions have not always been the most inclusive, women and minorities have played a vital role in organizing and strengthening our labor organizations. Mary “Mother” Harris Jones, A. Philip Randolph, Cesar Chavez, and Dolores Huerta are just a few of the amazing individuals that stood up to corporate greed/bigoted union leadership and demanded acceptable pay for acceptable work  for a diverse workplace! Courageous, persistent efforts of  groups like the Migrant Farm Workers Movement or the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters have shown us that all American workers deserve fair wages and safe working conditions.

We should not forget their sacrifices have led us to 40 hour work weeks, paid vacations, medical leave, and livable wages; and for the entire workforce, including non-unionized positions! While the American worker’s productivity has steadily increased over the past few decades, median income has stagnated or even faltered at times. Maybe because two parties have either been complacent with, or actively dismantling organized labor in this country?!

We need a party that will fight for Unions! Fight for Acceptable Pay for Acceptable Work for the Americans of today and the future! One party has waged open public warfare on unions, while the  other signs one trade agreement after another. This is not a choice of lesser evils, it is merely two parties that are anti-union. You will not get a stronger commitment to labor than the Green Party and our candidate for President; Jill Stein!

A Stein Presidency will rescind disastrous trade deals and union busting legislation like the Taft Hartley Act. The current political parties have left the unions virtually on life support; when the suffocated median income of Americans is collapsing. If we want to fix our economy, we need a White House that supports and uplifts labor unions; not destroys them with trade deals or “right to work” laws!

We Want Labor Back
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