Protectors voicing the need to preserve our environment.
Protectors voicing the need to preserve our environment.

Indigenous tribes across this continent have always been protectors of the lands on which they lived. Even after genocide and forced migrations, they have still pledged to protect the lands, its resources, and the community of its inhabitants. The ongoing demonstrations in North Dakota is just one of many manifestations of a courageous people leading the charge for a sustainable future that respects the cultural diversity of all in this land.

Surely we are not so desperate for oil that we are willing to bulldoze over sacred sites or risk contaminating future generations’ access to water. Is this not an easy political question? Why are so many presidential candidates (and even a president) mum on the issue? Perhaps they do not want to upset their friends on Wall Street? This pipeline is supported by several large banks, still looking to strike it rich off oil (how many billions or trillions have they already made and at what cost to us and future generations?).

But there is one candidate that is willing, not only to listen, but, to wholeheartedly join in with Standing Rock Sioux Tribes’ demand for environmental justice and cultural respect!

Jill showing solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Jill showing solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Dr. Jill Stein is campaigning on a Green New Deal that doesn’t require destructive pipelines. In fact, it will create 20 million living-wage jobs and halt climate change by converting our country to 100 percent clean energy by 2030.

For all those in South Florida that would like to show solidarity with the Tribe and cannot make it up North Dakota; their website has established a donate page for a legal fees, sanitation for the demonstrations, and emergency funds (since the demonstrators are now being attacked by a private security force’s dogs)!

Also South Floridians can support the local Seminole Tribe as well! They have been leading the charge against the new Department of Environmental Protections ruling on acceptable water toxins, which would line up perfectly with Florida’s new push for hydraulic fracking. This new, more lenient, regulation would seriously jeopardize the drinking water, plant, and wildlife in Florida. The Seminole Tribe has a long history of subsistence fishing and farming in Florida. These regulations could risk their food’s quality and safety. This would infringe on their way of life and cultural traditions.

It should not come at a surprise that this has been railroaded through a DEP regional commission (which has two vacant seats) at behest of a governor that outlawed the words “climate change” and “global warming.” Luckily, the Seminole Tribe (and now the Martin County; and City of Miami,) are appealing the regulations. Their appeals are asking for the regulation process to be restarted with a greater public outreach effort. Currently the litigation is still proceeding and we will post about any further developments as soon as possible!

The Miami-Dade Green Party would like to thank these tribes (and many others) for their environmental and cultural vigilance!

#StandwithStandingRock #NoDAPL #GreenNewDeal


#StandwithStandingRock #StandwithSeminole