Heads up! The threats to our water supply just multiplied as the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission denied a legal challenge to FPL’s plan to store radioactive waste and contaminated water, putting Miami’s primary drinking-water source at risk. Sign & Share the Petition today!

The plan would allow the storage of radioactive carcinogens in a part of the Biscayne aquifer known as the ‘Boulder Zone’, which has previously been injected with sugar wastewater. But studies from the U.S. Geological Survey like the red dye test have demonstrated how easily chemical contaminants and pathogens move through the aquifer system. Read more details about the petition drive on Miami New Times.

This is just another reason why we support strengthening regulations on the acceptable toxins allowed in our water supply. We also oppose FPL’s nuclear expansion plans, which is one of the reasons why we’ve been protesting against FPL’s dirty energy monopoly that’s keeping us dependent on sources that require the storage of waste discharges in the first place. We support a full transition to 100% renewable energy.

Right now, we need YOU to send a message to your rep’s that Florida’s porous limestone aquifer can’t be exposed to any more toxic pollutants!

Sign the petition, then call & write to your state officials!


The petition will be delivered to:

State Senator Anitere Flores
State Representative Holly Raschein
State Senator Jose Rodriguez
State Representative Jose Diaz
State Representative David Richardson
State Representative Robert Asencio
State Representative Bryan Avila
State Representative Daisy Baez
State Representative Michael Bileca
State Representative Manny Diaz
State Representative Bobby DuBose
State Representative Nicholas Duran
State Representative Katie Edwards
State Representative Joseph Geller
State Representative Roy Hardemon
State Representative Kristin Jacobs
State Representative Evan Jenne
State Representative Shevrin Jones
State Representative Kionne McGhee
State Representative George Moraitis
State Representative Jared Moskowitz
State Representative Jeanette Nunez
State Representative Jose Oliva
State Representative Sharon Pritchett
State Representative Barrington Russell
State Representative Cynthia Stafford
State Representative Richard Stark
State Representative Carlos Trujillo
State Representative Barbara Watson
State Senator Frank Artiles
State Senator Lauren Book
State Senator Daphne Campbell
State Senator Gary Farmer
State Senator Rene Garcia
State Senator Perry Thurston
Protect South Florida’s Drinking Water from FPL’s Radioactive Waste!
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