The Miami-Dade Green Party is pleased to present our Local Green Platform project to the community as an introduction to who we are, to our values and our goals.

We find most people share these values, and are pleasantly surprised to discover Green Party values are mainstream values. By contrast, the so-called ‘mainstream’ parties fail to sincerely address mainstream issues. Unlike the dominant parties, the Green Party does not accept corporate money, and is not beholden to corporate interests. We are free to voice the concerns so important to everyday people, and our Platform is a reflection of that.

All Politics are Local

National and global issues have local origins, and manifest uniquely in local circumstances. In recognition of the work to be done right here at home on the ground, the Miami-Dade Green Party is initiating the development of a Local Green Platform. We’re inviting input from community members and organizations to articulate recommendations for specific local issues, which will be assembled into a document intended to reflect the collective aims of our local progressive community. It will become, in essence, the Local Green Party Platform.

Candidates in future elections who run on the platform will have the support of a natural constituency, one more prepared to be mobilized around a campaign. Every candidate will find it unavoidable to address the platform, as a standard of the community.

The GP National Platform is an excellent reference. A well developed and extensive document, it is an expansion of the Ten Key Values shared by Greens around the world. Go to where you’ll find the latest version arranged broadly into four categories: Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, and Economic Sustainability, with numerous subtopics within each.

To initiate the Local Green Platform project, we have selected a sampling of categories important to our community, which are also addressed in the national platform. Once a contributor has selected a topic of local import, we encourage becoming familiar with the corresponding GPUS platform language before elaborating on the local application. Local organizations specializing in each topic are welcome to submit content. More topics may be added with added participation of interested parties.

Grassroots Democracy: End political corruption and strengthen the voice of the people at all levels of government. Get money out of politics, voter rights restoration, ranked choice voting.

Ecological Wisdom: Transition to 100% renewable energy. Protect our water, land, oceans. Move to sustainable agriculture. Increase and improve public transit.

Social Justice: Black and Brown Lives Matter. End the war on drugs, stop mass incarceration and deportations. We support our sisters and brothers in their urgent call for liberation from systemic oppression. Invest in and empower community that works.

Non Violence: Stop war profiteering, cut military spending, demilitarize and reprioritize the police to work with and protect communities, not the 1%. We strive for a culture of peace, justice and cooperation.