Jill in Miami!

The Miami Dade Green Party is excited to hear Jill Stein’s vision of a Greener future for the United States! We are excited to hear a campaign rally that has the courage to take on corporate greed and corporate political parties.  Miami-Dade and Broward counties has largest number of registered Non Party Affiliated voters in the state. Add in the fact that the two corporate parties have nominated the two most unfavorable candidates in recent history, and you have the perfect storm for a Green revolt! This is a monumental opportunity for all voters that are clamoring for something new to be able to hear a grassroots campaign that is based upon true sustainability.

While the Green Party  is the strongest advocate for protecting our world and its natural resources, we know that a truly sustainable society goes beyond just the environment.

A truly sustainable society (just to name a few)

  • Does not burden its future generation with a trillion dollar student loan bill.
  • Does proliferate, or even allow, a systemically racist criminal justice to murder and criminalize innocent citizens of color.
  • Does not wage costly, pointless wars, that only destabilize regions and countries, cause massive migration crisis, and fuel fanatical terrorist groups’ ideology and propoganda.
  • Does not ignore the human rights violations of “allies.”

Dr. Stein has been campaigning throughout the country, witnessing so many stories from courageous Americans demanding a greater good from their government! Dr. Jill Stein’s visit is a crucial chance for the Miami Metro area to hear, in person, these experiences and how they have shaped and affirmed her political campaign’s platform!

Dr. Stein, Bienvenido a Miami; Byenvini nan Miami; Welcome to Miami!


MDGP anticipating Jill Stein’s visit to Miami!
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