The Green Party stands for:

  • Full employment and living wages through the creation of necessary Green jobs that will help halt the threat of global warming.
  • Housing and healthcare as HUMAN RIGHTS.
  • An end to U.S. wars of aggression for oil.
  • Fair elections untainted by the flow of corporate money that has corrupted our democracy.

The Green Party doesn’t accept corporate donations. That’s why we need the support of people like you in order to emerge as the leading progressive force that can break the stranglehold the two-party duopoly has on our political process.

Your donations will help us run candidates in 2016, put together literature and organizing packets for our contacts in the as-yet unorganized counties, and allow us to expand our media presence in order to find a wider audience for the Green Party’s message of peace, economic justice and ecological wisdom. There are many out there who would be excited to find a viable party that values people over profits. Polls show that trust for the Democrats and Republicans in Congress is at an all-time low; these disillusioned Americans should know that they have a home in the Green Party. It’s your generosity that will make it possible!

The FEC requires that we know your occupation. If you contribute more than $200 in a year, the FEC requires you to also name your employer.