All of us at Miami-Dade Green Party are heartbroken and outraged to hear that yet more black lives have been executed by police officers in the streets of this country. While we are a political/activist party looking to enact policies that will benefit our society, this issue transcends politics. This issue is blatant disregard for the core tenant of our criminal/judicial system: innocent until proven guilty. Time and time again, police officers have sentenced black men and women to death in our streets, without all the necessary evidence, jury, or trial.

As a white male who has had a few speeding tickets in my life, the thought has never crossed my mind that I would not survive the process of getting a traffic citation. My attempts of imaging the fear and anxiety that would go into being a person of color in the same situation, result in this inexplicable pressure on my chest and the inability to truly express thoughts or emotions. I would assume it difficult for a lot of white people to do it, because that would mean that we have to reject the premise that the police officer is there to protect and serve us. We would have to reject that our police force is entirely created of self-sacrificing men and women, who value and presume the innocence of all citizens. Citizens of color have to live in fear for their lives while interacting with police. This is a violation of the core ideals that we hold sacred in this country. It has been a violation for the entire history of this country.

This is why taking a knee during the national anthem is necessary. We have to have this discussion now, and we are indebted to Colin Kaepernick for starting this round of it.  As true patriots we cannot turn a blind eye towards fellow citizens being murdered by government officials. While the president or the candidates may serve as leaders in the role of reform, the reality is that the citizens have to force their local/state police departments to change their recruitment/officer intake process, their training/philosophy, and the accountability of their force.  

Black Lives Matter
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