1. Name. The name of this organization is the Miami-Dade Green Party.

2. Membership. To be a voting member one must (1) be a Registered Green, and (2) have filled out a form declaring membership in the local Green Party and affirming support of the Greens’ Ten Key Values: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community Based Economics, Feminist Values, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future Focus.

3. Purpose. The purpose of the Miami-Dade Green Party is to build membership within Miami-Dade County and, in conjunction with like-minded groups in Florida, to promote the Greens’ Ten Key Values by peaceful means including social advocacy, education of the public and electoral activities.

4. Structure and Meetings. All decision-making power rests in the membership, which shall meet at least quarterly. Members will be notified by the Secretary of the time, date, place and agenda of general membership meetings, which will normally occur in Miami – Dade County. At the beginning of or prior to each meeting, a Facilitator will be designated, who will guide discussion to complete the agenda and goals of the meeting. The members will strive to achieve consensus on all decisions. If consensus is not immediately reached, there will be an opportunity for all views to be fully expressed and explored. If consensus is still not achieved, those in dissent can stand aside and allow the group to proceed, and the essence of the dissent will be noted. If those in dissent believe the issue at hand is so fundamental that they are unwilling to stand aside, the issue will be tabled to be decided at the next general membership meeting, unless 2/3 of those present believe an immediate decision is critical, in which case an immediate democratic non-secret vote will be taken, at which only those in attendance may vote and a 60% majority will be required before action will be taken on the proposal.

5. Officers. The officers of the Miami – Dade Greens will be Secretary, Treasurer and two Co-Chairs, who will be elected at the first general membership meeting each year, and who will serve no more than four consecutive quarters. Officers may also be changed at any general membership meeting. The Secretary will keep lists of members, prepare minutes, agendas and notifications. The Treasurer will handle all financial matters for the organization. The Co-Chairs’ function shall be to act as a central point of contact for members and working group coordinators, and to achieve accountability for those doing Green Party business. They shall be official spokespersons to press and public and shall handle authorized communications on behalf of the organization.

6. Working groups. The work of the Miami-Dade Green Party will be done by working groups such as finance, education/outreach, communications, legal, electoral. A minimum of two working groups will be maintained at all times. Each member of Miami-Dade Green Party is encouraged and expected to participate in a least one working group. Each working group will elect its own Coordinator. Meetings of working groups are open to all general members.

7. Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall consist of the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Co-Chairs, coordinators or other designees of each working group, and the two state representatives. The Steering Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the organization between general membership meetings, but is not authorized to place the organization in debt or act contrary to any express decisions or policies of the general membership. The Steering Committee will prepare and distribute an agenda at least one week before each general membership meeting. The agenda can be modified at the meeting. The Steering Committee will make decisions according to consensus, per paragraph 4 above.

8. Amendments. These Bylaws may be amended at any general membership meeting with two weeks advance notice by consensus per paragraph 4 above, except that if consensus cannot be reached, the final vote allowing any amendment must be at least 75% of those in attendance.

As amended by consensus this 14th day of July, 2002.

Eric Kobrin for Tom Crumpacker, Secretary, Miami-Dade Green Party

Policy Statements passed on July 14, 2002

I. Grandfather Clause for voting at one’s first membership meeting: Persons who filled out a membership form PRIOR to coming to a first meeting and are not yet registered Green will be allowed to vote at that first meeting if they fill out a registration form. Those people registered Green but who do not have their cards with them should provide proof of registration by the next meeting.

II. Registered Greens who wish to participate in another party’s primary election can continue their voting membership in the Green Party if they change registration no sooner than 6 weeks prior to the primary election. In order not to interrupt voting privileges, they must re-register Green within the month following the primary or at the 1st membership meeting following the primary.